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*px. – per person



80 USD / px.

Test your adrenaline and have more fun Rafting. Our pioneered Rafting team, Sobek Rafting brings you 20 years of safety and quality! He will bring you more joy throughout the day then you thought you could have on a river!

2 hours rafting, approximately 11 km or 7 miles, you feel the sacred Ayung River which provides a thrill that begins the moment you push off from the riverbanks. As you switch between Class II and III rapids, you will wind through deep valleys with cascading waterfalls and towering cliffs of prehistoric significance.



80 USD / px.

Escape from the crowds and breathe the fresh open air in nature while cycling with Mountain Bikes! While being safe and with some very fun people you will enjoy cycling 25km / 15.5 miles, you will see a guy cutting the grass or a lady carrying festive offerings of fruit and flower to appease the Gods. You can smell the fragrance of mountain ground coffee. You can see Batur Mountain View, Balinese Hindu Temple. The guide will also share deeper education of Balinese culture and lifestyle.



от 35 USD / px.

Bali’s Ubud uplands are known for their ancient temples surrounded by lush rainforest. This trekking tour takes visitors to the heart of Ubud to show them the area’s most beautiful natural attractions. The perfect activity for travelers who want to escape the city and immerse themselves in nature for the day without the hassle of organizing transport. Trek along a stream and through rice fields then take in the stunning coastal views.

A convenient option: get picked up and dropped off outside your accommodation! Learn about Ubud’s amazing natural history from your expert tour guide. Enjoy a complimentary lunch along with delicious Balinese trekking snacks!

Duration from 3 hours

Batur Trekking

100 USD / px.

Hike to the top of the active volcano Mount Batur and enjoy the most beautiful sunrise from above. This is one of the best and most popular trips in Bali! All you have to do just have a driver pick you up at midnight if you are staying in the south part of Bali. Because Batur is located in Bangli region, it will take around 3 hours to Bangli. Then a professional guide will take you to the top. This will be an adventurous hike in the dark and you will get fantastic experience that you will never forget.

After finishing hiking, in the morning you will enjoy your coffee or tea and have some breakfast! Then when you are ready, we will take you to a natural hot springs to relax your body and enjoy the warmth of the water while seeing the view of Batur Caldera.


Surf lessons

from 50 USD / px.

Bali should be on every surfer’s must-visit list. Whether you are a beginner, a skilled surfer, or a professional. Bali has its charm, attracts surfers of all levels from all over the world.
Even though there are many other places, still thousands of new people with a passion for surfing keep coming over to this magical Island of Gods.



40 USD - 1 hour

55 USD - 2 hours

A fun day out and a different way to surf. Wake Boarding offers you a cable park system of wake boarding, knee boarding, waterskiing and surfing designed for beginners and children on a large park lake. Expert instructors will instruct you how to manage the board until you can do it successfully and safely! Don’t worry if you fall, it is common for beginners! Just keep trying until you conquer it! A buggy will pick you up when you fall in the middle of the lake and bring you back to the dock.
When you are ready you can adjust your skills by trying other obstacles provided.


Water excursions


from 80 USD / px.

Amed is a famous spot in Bali for diving and snorkeling. You will find there many critters and other cool small stuff to discover. Amed is a very affordable diving location and makes the perfect base to go diving. It is not only divers who can experience the amazing underwater life here – walk just a few meters off the shore with your snorkel and flippers and you’ll feel like you have walked into the film set of Finding Nemo – There are beautiful, bright, colorful, fish and all sorts of rich marine life to discover. What’s surprising is that the vibrant coral is so close to the shoreline (you can easily spend a whole day here.


Odyssey Submarine

95 USD adults

65 USD kids

The waters of the eastern region of Bali are famous for beautiful underwater landscapes, calm water currents and very clear sea water. Diving to a depth of 30 meters is only available to professionals but on the Odyssey submarine you can see what is available to divers.

The Odyssey submarine can dive into the sea to a depth of 35 meters, has a length of 17 meters, a width of 4 meters and a height of 5.5 meters. Adults, children and even infants can enjoy the beautiful view – diving on the Odyssey is not only absolutely safe but an incredible adventure!


* entrance to Labuan Amuk beach is not included in the price and is 30,000 rupees


105 USD / px.

Do you really want to see underwater and step on ocean floor without having to dive? Aquanauts helps to get your dream comes true. Walking on the sea floor without having a worry! You will wear a helmet that lets you breathe underwater and keeps your face completely dry. Interact with the colorful tropical fish, beautiful coral reef in the crystal clear, surrounding Lembongan Area. It is so easy, fun, and safe!


Dinner Cruise

90 USD / px.

Make your night to be a most romantic night in your life by spending the lovely night in a beautiful catamaran while having dinner and witness the beautiful sunset from the cruise with your beloved ones.. Your dinner will also be accompanied with music entertainment, cabaret show, and more fun with Bali dancing to disco. All performances are family-friendly.


Check-in time at 17.00
Board time at 17.30

Additional cost : Hotel Transfers USD 35/car | Maximum 4 people

With kids

Bird Park

25 USD adults

13 USD kids

Bali Bird Park is home to 1.300 birds and currently has 21 birds from Indonesia & one reptile that are threatened with extinction. Discover and get closer to various birds by walking side by side with them. Enjoy the birds show and their instinct show. You can get deeper knowledge about birds and reptile here in Bali Bird Park. See how eagles fly and hunt, feed and touch the stunning rainbow-colored lories, meet the adorable Anna and Maria the black cockatoo and wreathed hornbills, feed the Pelicans. Bird Park has also added Komodo to the park so you can see closely how Komodo looks like. You can get deeper knowledge here about Birds and reptile


Bali Safari

от 50 USD / чел.

Bali Safari Park is a unique wildlife spot on the island. It contains about 100 species of animals and birds from several continents. Their living conditions are very similar to natural ones. Shows are regularly shown here, there is a water park, a restaurant, environmental programs are working.

Safari Park programs differ in price and experience. Write to us to choose a program that suits you personally.

The park's safari programs include:

Elephant Ride

105 USD / px.

This will be the experience you will never forget. Enjoy Walking on the wild side with an informative, scenic stroll and very fresh air atop an elephant through Taro jungle park in Ubud. Interacting and exercising with our resident giants. Afterwards, enjoy lunch with a view of the elephant bathing lake at the Park Restaurant. This amazing package is designed by a very professional adventure team, Mason Adventure.


Horse in Bali

75 USD / px.

Wake up early morning to not skip the sunrise while riding horse. Here is the best activity we can offer for you. Experience riding horse along the beach while seeing the sun rises. Enjoy the morning fresh air within one and half hours. Accompanied by friendly and cheerful groom. The riding experience will be amazing and will not bored.



from 25 USD / px.

Give your loved ones a great day with an amazing trip to the Bali Zoo. Here you can meet so many animals: a family of lions, a bear, crocodiles, Sumatran tiger, Bengal tiger, beautiful birds, gorillas, monkeys, etc. You can also see and hear the roar of tigers while you feed them chicken meat. Don’t worry, it is very safe.
Also try the special Orangutan Breakfast at Bali Zoo. The orangutan is a large monkey with long arms and reddish hair that only exists in the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. They are very cheerful and friendly and will accompany you during breakfast.

The zoo has several different programs. Write to us and we will help you choose the most suitable program for you.



ATV Ride

125 USD / tandem

80 USD / single

Have a more impressive day in Bali by going on this private ATV expedition. Go off the beaten track to treat and test your adrenaline riding through rice paddies, bamboo forests, jungles, remote villages, plantations, jungle, waterfall, and river. No need to worry about getting lost as a professional instructor leads the way. At first you will get instruction/briefing about safety, tracks, and how to drive the ATV.


A 1 hour 15 minute quad bike ride through rice fields, river, tunnel (cave), mud and waterfall awaits you.


from 100 USD / px.

Recently, Bali has acquired the status of the finest golf destination in Asia.
All year round, sunny weather and a short rainy season make playing golf as comfortable as possible.

The island features three world-class courses that have been built and designed by internationally renowned players: Greg Norman and Nelson & Hartworth. They are mainly used by players from Australia.



from 20 USD

Do you need hotel transfers? Or need to be driven from one place to another?
Just contact us. Our professional driver will be ready to serve you!

Car rental

from 40 USD

Rent a daily car and go wherever you want to explore Bali. We provide cars with or without driver. All cars are in good condition and comfortable with AC.

* price per 12 hours