Borobudur and Prambanan

85 USD / px.

Yogyakarta tour will give you deeper knowledge about the history and story about the Biggest Buddhist
Temple in the world, Borobudur Temple, and The Largest Hindu Temple, Prambanan Temple. These
temples located at Magelang, West Java.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur was one of The World’s 7 Wonders because of its magnificent design, super construction, decorated by thousands of relief panels and hundreds of Buddha Statues. At Borobudur area, you can also visit a museum which keeps all the history of Borobudur and the story of Merapi Mountain (The biggest volcanic explosion in the world history!) There are also some other smaller temples, Pawon and Mendut Temple.

Prambanan Temple

After exploring Borobudur, we will see Prambanan Temple, The Largest Hindu Temple of ancient Java. In this Temple, there are approximately 240 temples standing and the largest of them are Brahma, Shiva and Wisnu Temple.


*minimum 2 px.

Bromo. Midnight tour

From 125 USD / px .

Bromo is one of the iconic and most famous mountains in Indonesia located in Tengger Semeru National Park, West Java. We can say that this is a simple tour because we only need one night to get the amazing trekking and sunrise view! From Bali, you just need to take a night flight to Surabaya. From Surabaya, our team will drive you to the first point village where we will go by a jeep 4×4 from this village to Bromo Mountain. That is why we call it the Bromo Midnight Tour.


00.00 AM pick up from your hotel or Airport in Surabaya / Malang, drop off to
Cemoro Lawang or Sukapura village by 3 hours driving.

03.00 AM Upon arrival in Cemorolawang / Sukapura village, afterwards take a jeep
4×4 climb up to the sunrise viewpoint to enjoy the sunrise and see the most fantastic
panoramic view of Mt. Bromo and Mt Semeru on the 2600 meters above sea levels.

05.20 AM Enjoy the sunrise and the breathtaking view of Mt Bromo and Mt Semeru.
Then come back to the jeep to continue visiting to Mount Bromo Crater and stop at
The sea of sand You can ride a horse or walk to the foot of Mt. Bromo about 1.5
km/25 minute.

06.30 AM We will climb up 250 steps into the peak of Mt. Bromo. There we will see
(if the weather is good) the fantastic view of Mt Bromo crater.

09.00 AM Going back to Cemorolawang / Sukapura village to have breakfast at local
restaurant and take a rest for a while before going back to Surabaya or Malang
approximately 3,5 hours driving.

01.30 PM Drop to Your Hotel / Airport


Ijen (Java)

From 150 USD / px .

24 hours Ijen from Bali

Experience a non-stop adventure to the the magic trekking of Ijen crater and see the phenomenon of Blue Flames which you can only find in 2 places in the world. It is only in Ijen crater and Iceland crater. Ijen crater is an acidic crater lake at the top of Mount Ijen with a depth of 200 meters lake at Banyuwangi regency, East Java.


Departure at 17.00 from South Bali with a comfortable car, driving 4 to 5 hours to Gilimanuk harbor. We will take ferry to cross to Java Island. It will take 30-45 minutes.

Arrive at Kawah Ijen basecamp at an attitude of 1,900m around midnight, meet and greet with guide and listening to instructions.

Hiking starts at 1am led by our guide, armed with torches to the top of volcano crater. After a few hours, you will get to see the stunning magic Blue Fire while enjoying the sunrise.

In the morning 6 – 7 am, we will go back to base camp. enjoy breakfast. And we
will go back to Bali.


Full Day Tour Nusa Penida

125 USD / px.

Nusa Penida Island  is an exotic island in the west of Bali Island. It is reachable in less than one hour by Fast Boat from Sanur Beach or Padang Bai. You will get an unforgettable experience by seeing the natural beauty of beaches and the high cliff views along the East, South, and West coast of the island. So, it is a fantastic and amazing tour that you should never skip. Enjoy your lunch in the middle of the trip at the Balinese unique local restaurant before we continue the journey.

Nusa Penida excursions:

West trip

100 USD per person | minimum 2 persons

East trip

110 USD per person | minimum 2 persons

Adventure Trip

150 USD per person | minimum 2 persons

This is special trip we designed for your whole day. It is the West Trip tour plus Snorkeling in some of the most famous spots in the World! So, before you take the journey of West Tour, you are going to get to enjoy the snorkeling first!

A trip to the West + visiting three snorkeling points:

2 Days 1 Night Nusa Penida

200 USD per person | minimum 2 persons

You can have all trips of Nusa Penida instead of choosing just one trip! But you need to stay overnight in this beautiful island. We will provide you with nice and comfortable accommodations! 

The excursion includes the East and West excursions + visits to Three most famous snorkeling points:

All tours include:

Gili Islands

From 70 USD / px .

Escape to a place with no pollution! Gili Islands are a group of three small and beatuiful islands near the coast of Northwest Lombok Island. The three islands are Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Gili Trawangan is the largest Island and most visited Island compared to Gili Air and Meno. Gili Meno as the smallest island, provides the calmest sea during day and night!


We provide fastboat from Bali to take you to Gilis. 

Bali – Gili Trawangan: USD 70

Bali – Gili Air: USD 70

Bali – Gili Meno: USD 90 


Whole Day Trip Nusa Lembongan

From 50 USD / px.

Explore the magnificent scenery of the famous Lembongan Island in a day trip from Bali. Not only the famous Yellow bridge that connects the two islands (Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan), you can also do snorkeling here as Lembongan has some of the most beautiful beaches in Bali such as Devils Tear!  Enjoy your time at the white sandy beach of Dream Beach.

Other things you can do in Lembongan is explore the Mangrove forest. This is one of the popular spots for paddling, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.


* if your hotel is outside the areas selected above, please contact us for more information.

Flores Tour

125 USD / px.

Discover Flores Island in Indonesia, it is called the Green Jewel due to its breathtaking natural scenery. It has a magical three colored Lakes called Kelimutu, Dragon Island Komodo and Rinca, and an unbelievable view of Padar Island. Not including the many traditional villages and so much more.

4 Days 3 Nights Flores Tour :

Day 1 : Labuan Bajo – Rinca – Kalong 

     Arrive at Labuan Bajo airport, meet and greet with our guide and then heading to harbor, sailing 2 hours to Rinca Island. Trekking around 2 hours to see the Komodo. Lunch will be served on boat. In the afternoon, sailing to Kalong to see beautiful sunset from the boat and the bats flying. Dinner and overnight on the boat 

Day 2 : Kalong – Padar – Pink Beach – Komodo Island – Bidadari

    Sailing 2 hours from Kalong to Padar island. Trekking to the top of Padar Island around 45 minutes. Enjoy the amazing view of Padar. Continue to Pink Beach where the sand color is pink. You can do swimming or snorkeling here. Lunch will be served on boat. Next, heading to Komodo Island. Please follow all guidelines and be careful while exploring Komodo island. Because Komodo is extremely dangerous. Back to boat and sail to Bidadari Island. Dinner and stay 1 more night on boat.

Day 3 : Bidadari – Labuan Bajo – Gua Batu Cermin

    After breakfast on the boat is a free program before we go to Labuan Bajo. You can swim, relax, and snorkel! Arrive at Labuan Bajo, we will take you to Batu Cermin Cave to see coral fossil, stalactites and stalagmites. Lunch in a local restaurant Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 : Labuan Bajo – Airport – Bali

    Breakfast at the hotel. Some shopping time and lunch near the airport. Drop off at the airport.


Komodo Tour

From 800 USD / px .

Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage center, here you can approach the famous giant dragons in the wild called Komodo. Komodo is the worlds largest living wild lizard! It is quiet dangerous but don’t worry because we provide rangers who will always protect you before you would even approach them. 

Besides seeing giant lizards you will also visit the most exhilarating Islands, sailing to Rinca Island, Komodo Park, Padar, and other submarine life is all around the island.

*minimum 2 px.

4 Days 3 Nights Tour

Day 1 : Labuan Bajo and Bidadari Island

Day 2 : Explore Rinca Island and meet Komodo

Day 3 : Komodo Island

Day 4 : Batu Cermin Cave and City Tour


Toba Lake - North Sumatra

From 500 USD / px .

Visit the largest and deepest lake in the world, a volcanic lake in Sumatra Island, North Sumatra.

It is called Danau Toba (Lake = Danau). From the capital city of North Sumatra, Medan, we will take you on a 4 hour trip to a small city surrounded by this largest lake called Parapat City. Stay in the hotel and see the beautiful scenery of the lake right from your own hotel window! We will also take you to an island in the middle of the lake called Samosir Island. See the waterfall from the middle of the lake by boat, the amazing hills and also the living statue called Si Gale-Gale. It is full of traditional attractions from Bataknese. Experiencing this place will give you another unique and different adventure!

5 Days 4 Nights Tour

Day 1 : Arrive in Parapat City

Day 2 : Samosir Island – Tomok – Tuktuk 

Day 3 : Holbung Hills

Day 4 : The Toba Kaldera and Binangalom waterfall


Raja Ampat

price on request

Raja Ampat (translated as “Four Rajas”) is an island reserve located west of Irian Jaya (Indonesia). The local islands are very beautiful places, a bit like Micronesia. Green islands with white beaches are scattered among the sea, rich in underwater life.

Raja Ampat is a place known as the World Richest Reefs, or the world’s most populous coral reefs. In the waters off the Bird’s Head Peninsula, the highest concentration of hard corals known to science is recorded – more than 250 different species of them per hectare. This is more than four times the number of coral species in the entire Caribbean. The number of soft and hard corals in these places, as well as the types and forms of underwater life on them, is incalculable. 2 new species of epaulette shark (Epaulette Shark and Woobegong Shark) have been discovered, so named for the spots on the sides that resemble military uniforms. These elegant fish grow up to 1.2 meters in length and, moving along the bottom, rest on their pectoral fins. And also 8 new shrimp species, 24 fish species and 20 corals, many of which are endemic. These reefs are literally “species factories”. These places are known for giant shells – tridacnes, capable of hiding a large animal, the size of a dog, in their valves. And flocks of “jacks”, “surgeons”, barracudas, bet-fish, “parrots” can swirl around you in such a dense mass that you will not see your buddy! In the spring you can see manta rays, dolphins and even whales.

The Raja Ampat archipelago consists of 4 large islands – Misul, Salavati, Batanta and Waigeo, surrounded by more than 1,500 small islets and reefs. The reefs on Raja Ampat are as varied as the marine life. Walls, heaps, roofs, seamounts and peaks, mangroves and lagoons. The reefs are beautifully pristine, with miles of excellent hard coral and many colorful soft corals. In this area, weak currents are common, bringing nutrients to a myriad of fish and corals: therefore, the dives are mostly drift. Currents, although usually mild, can be severely intensified or absent. Visibility is generally very good, but it can vary with the best visibility in the morning, so don’t miss your dives before breakfast!

Nature here, both on land and under water, is pristinely beautiful, like nowhere else. One of the reasons for the amazing abundance of living organisms in these places is the extremely low density of the human population. The remoteness and lack of economic infrastructure hinder the development of tourism.

Raja Ampat is a veritable frontier of diving. From the upper deck of the yacht you can see the islands stretching to the very horizon, they are practically uninhabited. At night, only rare lights on fishing boats near a few coastal settlements flicker in the darkness, and in more distant waters, only one light on the horizon can flicker through the night.

Species diversity at Raja Ampat and Birds Head Marine Park:

  • 1,356 species of reef fish in Birds Head
  • 1,223 reef fish species in Raja Ampat
  • 25 endemic reef fish species in Birds Head alone
  • Birds Head’s 600 hard coral species represent 75% of all known coral species, and 10 times more than the entire Caribbean
  • 57 species of stomatopods in Birds Head
  • 13 species of marine mammals in Birds Head
  • 5 endangered sea turtle species at Birds Head